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Windows 8 First Impressions

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My first impressions of windows 8 were somewhat exactly what I expected the install was great. I deleted my partitions and hit go. Went to sleep. Low and behold it was not waiting for me at some pesky config screen asking about my timezone. It was done I had to do a few house keeping configs like create accounts and put in the wifi settings but none of the hassle that xp and 7 installs had. Now I was installing this on an older machine a hp-210 netbook to be exact. It has a tiny dual core 1Ghz Intel atom and only a couple of gigs of RAM. Which is well within the system requirements for a 32bit OS. Wanting to try out this metro hooha I clicked on a metro app and was greeted by a message stating that my resolution was to low in face it was only about 178 pixels to low. I figured they all couldn’t be broken for something like a screen resolution but they were, all except the new faithful looking desktop app. So clicking the desktop app I have a task bar without the start button. I need a start button. It did however show me in a handy tooltip if I corner my mouse I get a settings dock. Finding me screen resolution settings I tried to up it so I could use the metro apps. But my screen only supports up to 600 pixels so just like every operating system I ever use it requires some hacking before it works like they say it does. I found the regKey “Display1_DownScalingSupported” after a bit of googling it’s a Boolean either 1 or 0 and setting it to 1 allows you to set your resolution beyond that of your screen with some funky downscaling majik but IMO it looks like crap on my 1024×600 screen but the metro apps now work. And after all this I still don’t like this new crazy interface.

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